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from those princezz ov bitches

Happy New Year everybody! And we at P.O.P. couldn't be more excited that it's 2004 because we have so much planned for this year! Well enough chit chat.. lets get to the news!

~First of all we have a brand new mailing list that you need to sign up for to get the lastest P.O.P. news! Just send an email here ( to join!

~As explained (sort of..) during the Btrash Chat that took place in November, our beloved Betty's Trash is taking an official break so that the members can work on other projects! Lady A is currently working with a new band called Skin Belly! Their sound is like a My Bloody Valentine/4AD kinda thing and as I type they are in the studio working on their album! More on Skin Belly as the story develops.

~The other half of Btrash, good ol' King James, has started a new band dedicated to haulting his progress called STOP KING JAMES! He and his bandmates have already started working on their debut EP that is scheduled to be released in May! Expect to hear some tracks and see the SKJ website sometime around March!

~Guess what? Princezz ov Power has signed a new band! We would like to officially welcome MEGATRONIX to the P.O.P. family! Megatronix is a wacky electro-rock band who have songs that range from janapese pop to alien/robot music! Right now they are putting the finishing touches on their debut album "Hooked on Tronix", which features guest appearances from your favorite p.o.p. stars King James and Lady A! "Hooked on Tronix" will be out in March! Stay tuned for the official Megatronix website and some mp3s!

~The Mannequin Porn anthology has been pushed back to April. Why you ask? Because the Megatronix CD is so AWESOME that we had to get it out ASAP! But don't fret MP fans because it will be worth the wait! The CD will include tracks from both their CDs remastered and some bonus tracks including the previously unreleased "Kittie Blows" and a handful of live tracks from their infamous Electro Rock Show performances!

I'll be back next week with another update.. but in the meantime sign up for our mailing list! (

- love jenny
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