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Sure they can play without a drummer...

but can they play without a guitarist?

That was the question posed to Stop King James on June 30th after learning Young Mark was stuck in Ireland due to overbooked flight issues. (Then again, is "stuck" the right word when you're in a place as cool as Ireland? But I digress...)

Like the consummate professionals they are, King James and Jaggz Nasty demanded the show must go on and if you missed it...well...you missed it. The devilish duo created a one-night-only once-in-a-lifetime set that will most definitely go down in SKJ history.

With no time to record a new DAT, sacrifices had to be made. The DAT was scrapped and the James and Jaggz Comedy Half-Hour was presented via iPod. Some of your favorites like "Done With the Dish" and "Assisted Living Dracula" were replaced with their take on pop hits "Its a Beautiful Life" by Ace of Base and Dramarama's "Anything, Anything"!

But the show stopper was J&J's cover of Twiztid's "Spin the Bottle."
Juggalos and Juggalettes were in full effect, showing their respect for the wicked shit. They couldn't get enough of Jaggz' crotch grabbin or James' quick spittin. Faygo must run in their veins because after the set, a fellow fan reportedly remarked "You guys sounded just like ICP!" Much clown love, boys. MCL.

But it wasn't all covers that night. Crowd sing-along favorite "Dearly Departed" opened the night and new stuff like "I, Locust" and "Hands Off Creep" held their own against the always popular "LJ_Cut Yourself."

To finish out the night, SKJ performed "Bleed for Five Days," a viciously bass heavy track that tested the limits of the Loop Lounge sound system. Things were vibrating that shouldn't have and I wouldn't be surprised if the fish in the tank above the bar suffered concussions. Honestly, I don't smoke anymore but that song made me *need* a cigarette!

Was it a typical show? Hardly.
Did Stop King James bring it? You bet!
Will they ever attempt to play without Young Mark again? Not bloody likely!

Count yourself one of the lucky few if you witnessed this mixed bag of musical mayhem, but don't worry if you didn't. More shows are coming soon and they are guaranteed to rock your face.

In the meantime, get the debut album "Don't Trust Anything That Bleeds for Five Days and Doesn't Die" from stopkingjames. com or cdbaby.com or the iTunes music store or Curmudgeon Music or your favorite music retailer. And while you're at it, check out their selection of t-shirts, buttons, pins, and more at Cafe Press (www.cafepress.com/stopkingjames)!

That's all til next time, darlings!

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